A New Lawsuit Challenges Mississippi's Gay Marriage Ban...
Lead Counsel Successfully Argued Against DOMA at U.S. Supreme Court


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Midterms: Who Gave Your Job Away? Democrats Ask Voters


Remember this ad? A bald man named Mike Earnest looks into the camera and recalls when bosses at his plant asked workers to build a stage. Days later, corporate honchos used the stage to announce the plant was closing and their jobs were gone. It was a political ad about Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate…


GOP has ‘strong and increasing chance’ to control Senate, but…


Republicans have “they have a strong and increasing chance to control the next Senate,” political analysts Larry Sabato and Kyle Kondik reported Thursday in his latest assessment of the 2014 races. But the party isn’t quite there yet. “There are unusual and even a few bizarre features on the landscape,” said Sabato, director of the Center…


Mississippi inmate denied new trial in 1982 case


The U.S. Supreme Court has likely ended a Mississippi inmate’s efforts to win new a trial. The nation’s high court this week without comment declined to hear an appeal from Richard Chapman, whose earlier appeals have been denied by Mississippi courts. Chapman, now 50, has faced many obstacles in his decades-old quest…


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Why I am not a gay-weed Republican


The question you usually get when you out yourself as a libertarian is either, “What the hell is a libertarian?” or “Aren’t y’all just Republicans that are ok with gay marriage and pot?” The short answer to that is that we share about as much in common with Republicans as we do with Democrats.

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‘Rise of the Church’ Propaganda Film Urges Evangelicals to Elect Right-Wingers to Stop ISIS from Beheading Christians


A coalition of far right “Christian” organizations has formed to encourage people of faith to vote in November – but not out of a sense of civic duty. The coalition wants voters to send only right-wing “Christians” to Washington to “return” the nation to its imaginary Christian roots. To that end, they have organized a webcast…

Michelle Nunn

They’d have to run the table, but Democrats could hold Senate


WASHINGTON — Despite being written off already, the Democrats could retain control of the Senate this November — if they can steer the debate to local matters, generate an epic turnout, and paint Republicans as dangerously extreme. And keep President Barack Obama away. Analysts already rate the chances as excellent that Democrats will lose the majority…


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Ghostbreakers show puts the fun in ghosthunting just in time for Halloween


Ghostbreakers, a “faux reality series” spoofing paranormal investigation, has been released – right on time for Halloween. The show is a creation of New Palace Films, Malchus Media and actor/comedian Joey Greco and is available on demand in the U.S.A via for downloading and streaming. Ghostbreakers was shot shot on location in Shreveport, Louisiana. The…

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Reviews of new pop music releases


Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone (Lost Highway 3 stars) Most double albums these days — like Arcade Fire’s Reflektor or Tweedy’s Sukierae — could easily get away with being singles, and are broken into two for aesthetic reasons rather than a need to find room for all the music. That’s not the…


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Woman With Terminal Brain Cancer Says Everyone Should Be Able To Die With Dignity (Video)


Many people against physician-assisted suicide may mistake it for something akin to the services of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the famous doctor who would hook up his terminally ill patients to a device that released the lethal drugs. But nowadays, physician-assisted suicide is more related to the handful of states that permit death with dignity. Under Oregon’s…


‘I Had No Idea!': Unexpected Ways You Are Damaging Your Memory


Memory is key to both the flow and betterment of your life. Knowledge gained from recollection of the past helps you move toward the future you hope to create. While you are probably aware that memory loss can be caused by a concussion or surgery, a stroke or a brain tumor, you may not know some…