A New Lawsuit Challenges Mississippi's Gay Marriage Ban...
Lead Counsel Successfully Argued Against DOMA at U.S. Supreme Court


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Alabama football field baptisms draw ire of Freedom From Religion Foundation


The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is complaining about an on-field baptism at a Russellville High School football practice last Thursday: FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel said it is illegal for a public school to “organize, sponsor, or lead religious activity.” “Such sponsorship of religion is especially problematic in the context of athletics, given the pressure…


Midterms 2014: Which Races To Watch Now


With 11 days to go until the U.S. midterm elections, many races are coming down to the wire. From New Hampshire to Kansas, the last days of the campaign could determine which party controls the Senate and governor’s mansions. (The House is certain to remain in GOP hands.) In many contests, a last-minute gaffe or big…


South Carolina Tea Party candidate: Homosexuals are Gremlins


Over the weekend, Rep. James Clyburn’s (D-S.C.) Republican challenger referred to same-sex couples as “gremlins” and “bullies” in a Facebook post, and urged his supporters to oppose gay marriage at the polls this fall. Anthony Culler, the GOP nominee for Rep. James Clyburn’s seat, wrote the Facebook post last week with some startling statements about homosexuality.…


Black disappointment with Obama threatens Democrats


Black voters’ disappointment with President Barack Obama, who they so eagerly embraced for so many years, could be costly on Election Day to Democrats, who badly need a big African-American turnout to win Senate and gubernatorial races in key states. Instead, many African-Americans see an unemployment rate well above the national average, continuing problems…

Michelle Nunn

Obama makes pitch for Senate candidate Michelle Nunn in Georgia


In a rare pitch for an individual Senate candidate, President Obama told Georgia voters Thursday that Democrats will hold the Senate if Michelle Nunn wins her campaign against Republican David Perdue. “If Michelle Nunn wins, that means that Democrats keep control of the Senate,” Mr. Obama said in an interview on radio station V-103, which is…


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Why I am not a gay-weed Republican


The question you usually get when you out yourself as a libertarian is either, “What the hell is a libertarian?” or “Aren’t y’all just Republicans that are ok with gay marriage and pot?” The short answer to that is that we share about as much in common with Republicans as we do with Democrats.


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Ghostbreakers show puts the fun in ghosthunting just in time for Halloween


Ghostbreakers, a “faux reality series” spoofing paranormal investigation, has been released – right on time for Halloween. The show is a creation of New Palace Films, Malchus Media and actor/comedian Joey Greco and is available on demand in the U.S.A via for downloading and streaming. Ghostbreakers was shot shot on location in Shreveport, Louisiana. The…

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Reviews of new pop music releases


Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone (Lost Highway 3 stars) Most double albums these days — like Arcade Fire’s Reflektor or Tweedy’s Sukierae — could easily get away with being singles, and are broken into two for aesthetic reasons rather than a need to find room for all the music. That’s not the…


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Woman With Terminal Brain Cancer Says Everyone Should Be Able To Die With Dignity (Video)


Many people against physician-assisted suicide may mistake it for something akin to the services of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the famous doctor who would hook up his terminally ill patients to a device that released the lethal drugs. But nowadays, physician-assisted suicide is more related to the handful of states that permit death with dignity. Under Oregon’s…


‘I Had No Idea!': Unexpected Ways You Are Damaging Your Memory


Memory is key to both the flow and betterment of your life. Knowledge gained from recollection of the past helps you move toward the future you hope to create. While you are probably aware that memory loss can be caused by a concussion or surgery, a stroke or a brain tumor, you may not know some…