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5 Best Loan Companies That Offer Travelling In Installment

5 Best Loan Companies That Offer Travelling In Installment

How long have you wanted to go on a vacation to an expensive resort? You have probably been postponing your dream vacation because it is expensive to do so, and the pandemic that hit the world last year has made it even more difficult.

But, thanks to the various loan companies that are available these days, you can get loans to fund your vacation. The best part is, you can now book your vacation and pay in installment. However, due to the high number of loan companies available today, choosing the right loan company that will offer you a chance to pay for your vacation in installment, while still doing so at an affordable interest rate can be quite challenging.

Not to worry, has reviews and feedback on the best travel loan options that will meet your vacation needs.

Below are 5 of the best loan companies that will offer you a chance to pay for your vacation in installment in 2021:

Fomo Travel

Fomo Travel is one of the companies that help you plan your vacation with little money. You get the chance to pay for your travel in installment until you complete your payment. You can pay for your flight, tours, and even accommodation every month and Fomo allows you to save up with them so you can pay up. The best part is, your loved ones are also allowed to save with the company as well.

Flyr Travels

If you need a company that will not charge you monthly repayment interest, then, Flyr is one of the best options to consider. You can have access to the company even with a bad credit score because the company doesn’t carry out a credit check on you. With them, you can also pay for your travel in installment.

Affirm Fintech Company

Here comes another loan travel company that also offers various packages. You can book your accommodation, tours, and flights on credit, and then you will be given a stipulated time to repay the travel loan through a bank transfer. You can be allowed to pay within the space of 3 to 6 months, or even a year sometimes.

Uplift Fintech Company

Uplift also allows travelers to pay for their travel bills in installment. Also, in the case you can’t repay the installment on the agreed date, the company doesn’t charge you for paying late. They also don’t run credit checks on you, so even with a bad credit; you can get a travel loan from them.


Airfordable is a fintech company that takes care of all your travel expenses and allows you to pay back in installment. The only difference is, you will have to pay either 10 or 20 percent of the ticket price. This is done so you don’t have to repay a huge amount when paying back. Although they don’t run a credit check on you, they use their risk assessment software to process your loan.

There are various companies that offer you the opportunity to enjoy that dream vacation by paying in installment. The 5 listed above remain the best options today. You can talk to any of them for your travel needs.


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