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Essential Things to Do for First Time Visitors to Hong Kong

Essential Things to Do for First Time Visitors to Hong KongThe breath-taking city of Hong Kong doesn’t fail to surprise; it has everything to entertain the tourists. The exquisite nightlife with glitzy bars and loud music keep you grooving all night in the skyscrapers gleaming with lights. An overwhelming experience in the beautiful beaches fills the heart with happiness as the waters gush on to the feet and the sandy beaches are up for adventure water sports. Hong Kong is a hub for heavenly food, it has brilliance in the cuisines, the street food is absolutely mouth-watering and the Michelin starred restaurants offer a pious ambiance with unforgettable taste in authentic and fusion delicacies. There are ample number of places that present the heritage and history with awe-inspiring museums and artifacts. Brace yourself to explore a plethora of things to do as you fly into Hong Kong for the first time.

Victoria’s peak

Standing as a tall perched building Victoria’s Peak is a famous tourist attraction. The view from the top of the tower is amazing it gives a complete view of the scenic Hong Kong city and the harbour. The aerial view is spectacular it feels amazing as you look down the tower and find a mix of serene views of the island and bustling views of the city. Be fascinated as the Sky terrace offers a wondrous way to see the surroundings there is an entry ticket only if you have not taken a combined ticket at the peak tram. Other places to have a glimpse of the city are Peak Galleria and Lion’s Pavilion these are free. Watching the sun go down from the peak tower gives a mesmerizing view. The best way to reach the peak is by the tram as it is also a beautiful experience that makes a great memory. It is the quickest way than the bus from central.

Aqua Luna

The cruises always offer a special feeling of tranquillity. Standing in the cruise on the windy evenings make the dreams sail and immerse in joy with the gushing waves. This old boat that has gone through restoration now is an eclectic hub to have stunning dinners and cruises. The Dukling is also one of the oldest namely ‘junk boats’ of the Chinese that sails in this century as well. The harbour cruises are an unforgettable experience both in the scenic views and also the dining. Take time and watch the evening light show at the Tsim Sha Tsui. Opting for the star ferry to sail back to Hong Kong gives you an additional experience.

Tian Tan Buddha 

If you want to know what is it like to be huge or to know the meaning of the word huge then this statue of Buddha is the answer. It is massive it only leaves the tourists speechless at the sight of the massive structure. Sitting at the Lantau Island the bronze structure depicts harmony between nature and people. The beautiful sight of the large Buddha in the center and six smaller ones posing as they are offering flowers, incense, fruits, lamp ointment, etc. each Buddha symbolizes a trait for enlightenment. It is a 112 ft. tall statue also there are three more floors below it; the halls of the Universe, of Benevolent Merit, and of Remembrance.

The Best dim sums

The rich Cantonese cuisine is famous all over the world for the taste and flavourful ingredients. The best and must-have food when you visit Hong Kong is the authentic Dimsim. They are tiny little dumplings that come in a variety of fillings. The bite-sized food in the dim sum oozes flavors. The varieties can be vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Indulge in succulent treats like spring rolls, minced pork, steamed fresh fish, steamed shrimp, steamed beef balls Steamed spareribs with black bean sauce, and many more. Discover a wide range of juicy savory food in restaurants like City Hall Maxim’s Palace or Tim Ho Wan which is the most budget-friendly Michelin-starred dim-sum restaurant.

The bewitching beaches for a cozy and eventful visit

Hong Kong is blessed with amazing scenic beaches it has beautiful coastlines surrounded by mountains. The beaches give complete pleasure to have a laid back evening, hop on surfboards for some water sports, or hike up the mountain trails. There are also some beaches for nature loves to check them out if you are a naturist. Some of the beaches are Shek O Beach, Repulse Bay, Stanley Main Beach, Tai Long Wan Beach, etc.

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