Have You Seen This? NASCAR driver takes world’s best shortcut
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Have You Seen This? NASCAR driver takes world’s best shortcut

Have You Seen This? NASCAR driver takes world’s best shortcut (NASCAR on NBC, Twitter)

INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY — Why didn’t I think of that?

We’ve all asked ourselves this question at one time or another, usually when we see someone do something so innovative and effective that we’re all left staring in awe.

Perhaps other NASCAR drivers were feeling this way when driver Chase Briscoe recently pulled off a shortcut for the ages. It was near the end of a sloppy race that had already seen multiple crashes. As the cars crowded into a big turn, Briscoe left the herd and simply cruised across the grass.

Yes, it was illegal — but it was a wonder to behold.

After returning to the track, Briscoe slowed down enough to let race leader Denny Hamlin pass. Then he nudged Hamlin’s car off the track, ruining his chance to secure the win.

Briscoe claimed innocence after the race, insisting the shortcut was unavoidable and the collision with Hamlin accidental. Hmmmmmmm. Even to a NASCAR newbie such as myself, it looked pretty calculated.

To his credit, Hamlin accepted Briscoe’s apology. He basically attributed all the chaos to the poor condition of the track.

“The track was a mess,” Hamlin told NBC Sports. “These cars and curbs and all that stuff just doesn’t go together. We’re trying to force sports car racing into these fans. Although the finish was a crash-fest, I’m sure everyone will love it. It’s just stupid. It’s a complete circus at the end of the race. You just roll the dice and hope you don’t get crashed.”

But Hamlin also pointed out that the final collision shouldn’t have occurred, because Briscoe shouldn’t have returned to the race after his jaunt across the lawn.

“To me,” he said, “it’s like a lack of situational awareness where obviously you’re going to have a penalty until you cut the racetrack.”

Good point, Hamlin. But aren’t you just a little bit jealous that you didn’t think of taking that shortcut until you saw Briscoe do it?

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