I Used AI To Help Plan My Honeymoon, Here’s What Happened

I Used AI To Help Plan My Honeymoon, Here’s What Happened

With all the technological advancements in recent years, the artificial intelligence (AI) craze has been the biggest change to take the world by storm. Between preparing meal plans, assisting with resumes, and even planning out your day, it seems there isn’t anything that AI can’t do. As I recently learned, people are even starting to use AI for trip planning.

There are several different AI travel planners available to the public, and I recently decided to dive in headfirst and utilize one for a pretty big adventure I had coming up — my honeymoon!

I Had Puglia, Italy In Mind For My Honeymoon, But Nothing Else

I knew the city I wanted to visit after my wedding but didn’t have much in the way of an itinerary

I Used AI To Help Plan My Honeymoon, Here’s What Happened
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Otranto, province of Lecce in the Salento peninsula, Puglia, Italy

When my fiancé and I were discussing our future honeymoon, we considered all the beautiful cities in Italy and ultimately decided on the area of Puglia. After we agreed on the destination, we started looking at hotels and plane tickets. Those items were easy to book as we knew what kind of accommodations we wanted and what our budget was for airfare.

Everything after that point brought the planning process to a standstill.

Between my everyday life and wedding planning, I felt like I didn’t have time to plan out all the various details affiliated with the honeymoon. My schedule didn’t hold enough blank space to research the area’s restaurants or plan out what our days would look like.

I was starting to get so frustrated at the lack of moving forward in the planning that I even considered canceling the trip altogether.


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With All The Chatter About AI, I Decided To Try It Out For My Trip

Guide helped me to plug in the missing pieces of my itinerary in seconds!

View of Otranto town, Puglia region, Italy
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View of Otranto town, Puglia region, Italy

I had obviously heard about the use of AI in everyday things, and also about AI use in airports throughout Europe. However, I didn’t realize that it had expanded to trip planning until I was in the beginning stages of planning my honeymoon.

While I had heard of AI in the travel universe as far as the inclusion of robot wait staff in Japanese cafés or the use of it in fast food drive-thrus, the thought of it creating my entire itinerary from scratch seemed crazy.

Being that I already had our hotel and plane tickets secured, I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to delve into the various AI applications and see what came out of them. At the end of the day, if I didn’t like the result, I didn’t have to use it for my honeymoon, right?

I decided to start with the Guide AI app and ended up not even needing to try anything else. After downloading it onto my phone, I plugged in what information I had and what kind of experience I wanted. I was even able to put in my budget and who I was traveling with.

The nice part about that was being able to share the proposed itinerary with my fiancé and getting feedback from him in real time!


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My Experience Was Incredible, And The Honeymoon Went Off Without Issues!

AI was able to provide me with sound recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and more

Alleyway in old white town Bari, Puglia, South Italy

Alleyway in old white town Bari, Puglia, South Italy

Going provided me with an outline of things to do and restaurants to try while we were in Puglia. The recommendations were on par with the type of travel experience that I was looking for. Unfortunately, while an itinerary was created, I still had to follow up and do a bit more research to finalize it.

Going doesn’t have the ability to make reservations for restaurants on your behalf, so that was something I needed to take on. The app also doesn’t have the functionality that ties public transit to your locations.

Benefits Of Using AI For Trip Planning

Faster Turnaround

Less Research

Less Stress


No Cost

Would I use AI to plan a trip again? Definitely.

It’s really great for getting a solid base without the hours of research. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t take everything off your plate. You will still need to make the reservations, look up transportation options, and even explore the menus of the proposed restaurants to confirm that it’s something you would like.

Even with these challenges, and knowing that AI is constantly evolving and improving, I wouldn’t hesitate to turn to it again in the future.

Summary AI travel planners are a game-changer for time-crunched travelers looking for customized recommendations and itineraries. The Guide AI app helped streamline the itinerary planning process, providing personalized suggestions based on user preferences. While AI is a great starting point for trip planning, travelers still need to finalize reservations and logistics on their own. With…

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