Introducing N.J.’s Destination of the Year: A new initiative from Jersey’s Best
Destination of the Year

Introducing N.J.’s Destination of the Year: A new initiative from Jersey’s Best

After the still of 2020 came the stirrings of 2021, as folks peeked through the blinds, unlatched the front door and stepped forward with a healthy mix of trepidation and abandon to take in the beauty and bounty of this great Garden State. Jersey’s Best has proudly served as your guide, celebrating all there is to explore and experience in this place we call home.  

Now we’re coming up on a whole new year of possibilities for Jersey jaunts, and the editors of Jersey’s Best have launched an exciting, annual initiative to recognize a handful of towns poised to steal the spotlight on the stage of Jersey travel. One of them will lead the pack to be named the Jersey’s Best 2022 Destination of the Year! Which town will take the inaugural top spot, and what makes it shine? 

First things first, this is not just another popularity contest. While we are examining statistics and quantifiable trends, like seasonal and annual visitation numbers, we are also looking at each destination’s unique appeal. And since New Jersey couldn’t be more diverse, we won’t try to compare apples to oranges. This year’s finalists all hail from the one part of the state that never fails to draw a crowd: the Jersey Shore. 

Over the next few months, we’ll take an in-depth look at each of our finalists, highlighting the standout attributes that got them noticed, including: 

  • Attractions – From family friendly to just for grownups, indoors and out, what’s everyone doing besides going to the beach? 
  • Arts and Entertainment – From day to night, reserved to rowdy, cultured to kitschy, what’s keeping people entertained and enlightened? 
  • Historical Significance – When and how did this destination get on the Jersey map? 
  • Cuisine – What are they feeding you? 
  • Year-round appeal – Folks visit in July, but what about January? 
  • Shopping – From souvenirs to mom-and-pops to local artisans, what’s for sale? 
  • Places to Stay – What’s the hotel and rental scene? Or do we want to live there? 
  • Atmosphere – What’s the vibe? 
  • Future plans – Any major projects on the horizon to make this great place even better? 

The 2022 Jersey’s Best Destination of the Year will be announced in the December issue of Jersey’s Best magazine, but in the meantime, keep an eye out for profiles on the five finalists in the coming weeks and months online at Here is the announcement schedule:

Finalist No. 1 Reveal Tues., Aug. 31

Finalist No. 2 Reveal Tues., Sept. 28

Finalist No. 3 Reveal Tues., Oct. 19

Finalist No. 4 Reveal Tues., Nov. 2

Finalist No. 5 Reveal Tues., Nov. 23

2022 Destination of the Year Winner Reveal Thurs., Dec. 16

Which Jersey Shore town do you think should win the 2022 Destination of the Year? Let us know in the comments section below.