Destination of the Year

Sarasota’s brand foretells exciting year for tourism

As we continue to move forward from the year that held travel back, visitors can be excited for everything that’s in store for the rest of 2021 and throughout 2022. Sarasota County’s reputation not only initiated the start of recovery for travel but created an avenue in which the entire community can benefit from heading into the new fiscal year.

My team at Visit Sarasota County had to engage in new methods and arrangements throughout 2021 to keep local businesses running smoothly, residents employed and visitors wanting to experience the area while always listening to our local health officials. With a wide range of tactics, VSC managed to attract a variety of visitors, whether they were interested in hopping in the car on a family vacation to Sarasota County and soak up the sun, enjoy leisure activities like kayaking or paddle boating, or just wanted to hit the best bars in the area to hear local musicians.