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Why This Beloved Summer Destination in the Canadian Rockies Is Worth Visiting All Year Round

Banff National Park and Jasper National Park—two beloved parks in Canada’s Alberta province—experience their peak season during summer and fall, with an estimated 5 million people flocking here to see brilliantly hued foliage and Lake Louise’s icy-blue lake. But guess what? As locals already know, that same natural terrain is also ideal for outdoor adventure…

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8 Canadian Travel Tips to Avoid Lost Luggage

The holiday season, while a great time to travel and reconnect can also be quite stressful. The days leading up to Christmas and New Year witness a surge in air travel, making it a peak period for airline activities, and unfortunately, luggage mishaps. 1st Move International claims that over 26 million bags were misplaced or…

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Canadian travel tips to keep airline luggage from going on a solo flight

The holiday season is a festive yet frantic time for many, especially if you’re travelling to meet up with family and friends. The days leading up to Christmas and New Year are among the busiest for airlines, and that can add to travel frustrations during the hustle and bustle. According to 1st Move International, around…

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