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Google Maps is getting a big upgrade in time for your summer vacation

Planning to get away this summer? Google is launching a few new features in Google Maps that aim to both help plan your trip and figure out what to do once you get there.  These features draw on both the collective experiences of Google Maps users, as well as curated lists from reputable sites, to…

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Plan your Metro Bus Fixed Route NOW with Google Maps

By Grace Jacobson / News Director ST. CLOUD, Minn. — The New Year brings a new way for planning your trips with Metro Bus. Metro Bus Fixed Routes are now on Google Maps! Google Maps gives multiple route options to Metro Bus riders, which can be adjusted for current or later departure times. It also…

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Google Maps Tips You’ll Want to Use for Your 2023 Holiday Travel

The stress and chaos of holiday travel happens every year it seems. And when you bundle that with the potential for winter storms to cancel or delay your plans, the panic continues to rise. So if you’re planning to catch a flight or spend several hours on the road, you can use Google Maps to…

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