This Beyond Special Los Cabos Tequila Tasting Makes For the Ultimate Dream Trip
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This Beyond Special Los Cabos Tequila Tasting Makes For the Ultimate Dream Trip

Travel is having a major moment. If social media feeds are an indication of the uptick in travel, it appears that much of the United States is on vacation mode for the summer. But there are trips — and then there are dream trips. A Taste of Culture by Clase Azul definitely belongs in the latter category. 

The creators of Clase Azul Spirits, a premier tequila and mezcal producer from Mexico, have conjured up the most over-the-top tasting experience. It takes place tucked secretly behind their boutique in the heart of Los Cabos at The Shoppes at Palmilla. The tasting draws inspiration from the most iconic Mexican plant — agave.

The regal plant is at the core of this tasting journey. Lucky participants get to taste some of Mexico’s best tequilas (Clase Azul Plata, Reposado, Añejo, Ultra) and mezcal (Clase Azul’s Durango).

The intimate tasting experience takes place in the heart of Los Cabos at The Shoppes at Palmilla. (Courtesy Clase Azul Spirits)

“Clase Azul exists to captivate the world through the magic of  Mexican Culture, and while the popularity of tequila is on the rise, there is a real need to tell the story of Mexico’s exquisite culture,” notes Magali Lourdaux, the brand’s marketing director – hospitality and boutiques. “We wanted to offer an immersive storytelling experience where our guests can explore our traditions, learn about the sacred agave plant and enjoy delicious, authentic food pairings.

“We are excited to present A Taste of Culture.” 

Each flight of the brand’s tequila is paired with exotic dishes in this special tasting. Almost as if this tasting is a storybook unfolding, each tequila becomes a chapter of a story rooted in Mexican history, and traditions that embody the spirit of Mexican culture and Mexico’s often underrated luxury traditions and culture. 

“Mexican culture and especially Mexican luxury have long been misunderstood, this gives the world a true view into the truly luxurious aspects that the country has to offer,” Lourdaux says.

Clase Azul’s Añejo is paired with the chefs’ signature duck dish (Courtesy Clase Azul Spirits)

Perhaps the most popular pairings is the duck with homemade mole, made of cocoa and red fruits. It comes with organic vegetables and of course one of the signature tequilas — Clase Azul’s Añejo.

A special mole sauce is paired with the duck, for a special presentation. (Courtesy Clase Azul Spirits)

Lourdaux also notes that one of the other special wow moments during the tasting is the  ceviche with fish, fresh from the Pacific, accompanied by roasted guava sauce, sun-dried banana chips, fish rinds (chicharrones) and a scented lemon sorbet. This traditional dish is paired with the brand’s signature Plata.

A taste of Culture is all about the details, which is shown in this ceviche dish. (Courtesy Clase Azul Sprits)

“While tequila and mezcal fans enjoy our product offerings, guests of A Taste of Culture walk out of this experience in awe,” Lourdaux says. “They really embrace the cultural journey and the connection to an exquisite Mexico.”

This is anything but just another ordinary meal. It’s the vacation tasting experience of a lifetime.

To learn more about this special elevated tasting experience, which is for eight guests, and everything else Clase Azul has to offer, click here.