Destination of the Year


The many amazing landscapes in the U.S delivers captivating natural beauties and wonders, making her home to many cool places for camping.

Camping goes beyond just whirling away time. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Nature and its wonders. Camping with friends and family also helps in solidifying relationship bonds. It locks away the noisy and busy daily life and helps calm our minds.

Whether you are looking for a primitive camping experience or a modern one that comes with some comfort, the country has a pool of cool places for camping to choose from.


After deciding the number of people you’ll be camping with, picking the location would be the next obvious thing to do. Before picking a location, you need to ask yourself how convenient is this location for you? How expensive is it? How safe is this place? Use these parameters to decide which place is right for you.

You will also need to get car. You can read reviews of US rental car agencies on US-Reviews to know the right car to rent and the company to rent it from.

Take along with you necessary information like your insurance information and health information. Make sure you know the health conditions of all those going camping with you including their allergies and medical conditions. Take along with you a first aid kit for emergency purposes.

Don’t overload yourself, learn to pack only the necessary things. Travel light. Do away with those things that might cause you inconvenience in the long run. Don’t forget to bring along with you a torchlight and a source of heat or fire. They are very important.

Pack enough food for your trip. Avoid packing too many perishable foods. Have enough food that’s capable of feeding everyone three times a day. Also take along enough snacks, fruits, and water.


Here is a list of some coolest places to choose from for your next camping trip. Depending on your location, some may be too far or too close. Taking that into account, the choices are uniformly distributed across the US map.

  1. Galveston Island State Park, TX.
  2. Juniper Springs Recreation Area, FL.
  3. Hither Hills State Park, NY.
  4. Gebhard Woods, IL.
  5. Mountain Lake Campground and Cabins, WV.
  6. South Carlsbad State Beach Campground, CA.
  7. Mount Rushmore KOA Resort, SD.
  8. Eagle River, AK.
  9. Keen Lake Camping Cottage Resort, PA.
  10. Smugglers’ Notch State Park, VT.
  11. Poplar Point, NC.
  12. Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, MN.
  13. Platte River, CO.
  14. Misty Mountain Camp Resort, VA.
  15. Redman Campground, UT.
  16. Indian Lake State Park, OH.
  17. Kentucky Horsepark, KY.
  18. Riverbend, ME.
  19. Fishermen’s Memorial State Park and Campground, RI.
  20. Black Canyon Campground, OR.
  21. Stone Mountain Park Campground, GA.
  22. Ocean Lakes Family Campground, SC.
  23. Modern Campground, MI.
  24. Santa Rosa Campground & RV Park, NM.
  25. Reunion Lake RV Resort, LA.

The above were selected after careful analysis of the costs involved, user experience, and available ratings. They have a beautiful, safe, and natural environment for a quality camping experience. Browsing the internet for reviews of these places will also help in your preparations. Some places have lakes for fishing, pools for swimming, rough terrains, dangerous animals, chilly or windy weather, etc. Don’t be caught unaware or miss out on the fun because you forgot a piece of equipment or clothing. Make a thorough research before embarking on your camping trip. Have fun and share memorable moments with your loved ones.